35 Point Safety Inspection

  1. Check tail lights
  2. Check brake lights
  3. Check reverse lights
  4. Check rear indicators
  5. Check head lights
  6. Check parking lights
  7. Check high beam
  8. Check windscreen washer and wipers
  9. Check horn
  10. Check tyre pressure
  11. Check tyre ware
  12. Check suspension
  13. Check ball joints
  14. Check and grease all grease nipples
  15. Check tie rod-ends
  16. Check rack and pin and steering box
  17. Check front sway bar and bushes
  18. Check rear sway bar and bushes
  19. Check tail shaft and uni joints
  20. Check fuel lines
  21. Check brake lines
  22. Check diff oils and leaks
  23. Check gear box oils and leaks
  24. Check transmission oil and leaks
  25. Check engine oil leaks
  26. Check exhaust leaks and mountings
  27. Check drive shafts
  28. Check engine oil level
  29. Check cooling system for leaks and level
  30. Check brake fluid level
  31. Check washer level
  32. Check battery terminals and water Levels
  33. Check fan belts
  34. Check power steering level
  35. Check and lubricate door hinges